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Allens Avenue Arterial Improvements, Providence, RI

Caputo and Wick Ltd. was retained by RIDOT to design safety improvements at seven intersections along a 1.5-mile segment of the Allens Avenue arterial in Providence, Rhode Island.  The project design consisted of micro milling, removing existing bituminous pavement, and resurfacing each intersection. Specific to each intersection, our designs additionally included the removal and installation of concrete and granite curbing and sidewalks, construction of wheelchair ramps, installation of three new traffic signal systems, modifications to four additional signal systems, installation of a fiber-optic communication system, cleaning existing storm drain pipes and structures, adjusting drainage and utility structures to grade, minor drainage improvements, limited grading and seeding, removal and installation of regulatory and warning signs, installation of pavement markings, installation, removal, and cleaning of erosion controls, maintenance and protection of traffic, and all other incidentals necessary to complete the project including all preparation of easements, rights-of-way coordination, and environmental permitting.  A plan of the Thurbers Avenue intersection is illustrated above, and the intersections of New York Avenue and Ernest Street are shown at lower left and lower right, respectively.